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    pete cho

    I like the tile interface.
    Windows 8 look is very bold beautiful and fluid.
    is a newcomer, young and attractive
    it's perfectly suited for tablets thanks to the low power drain and low heat generated by systems running on ARM processor !!;)
    im so happy for codename:Windows 8 and i think Windows 95 was a big deal for users and developers alike.
    Overall, this release feels smoother, faster, snappier, and more stable.
    Metro does rock on desktop and laptop!
    with this your luck can be perfect.
    now with touch you can have all your requirements plus even more.
    My prediction is clear and I know that there will be a much perfect luck for the whole W(P)8(RT) universe than Microsoft can imagine.I respect Microsoft for doing that. My opinion on these metro hating freaks is that they are all people who don't like to change
    and dont forget Thank for feedback mark as answer and log uri

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    at your service MS

    Everybody hates the tiles UI except the "freaks" payed by M$.
    Well, since I'm not payed, I am entitled to have my own opinion abd I hate the tiles, I believe that they will be a collosal failure (bigger than ME+Vista combined). No doubt that the adoption of W8 will be slow, which makes the reason for creating metro, win8 only application, to no reason what so ever.
    Of course if M$ will offer $$$, I'll happily tell everyone that metro is the next best thing since sliced bread and why you shouldn't believe to yourself but to M$'s propaganda.

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    Well, I have to say I have no salary from anyone and I´m free to say Metro is craziest thing ever. Imagine the possibilities of tiles with different geometry and a freaking mosaic into the screen with a puzzle like programs poping in the screen. I really excited!!! want to program more than ever!! I´m a math scientist! I wanna see things coming true from abstraction!

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