Introduction to the Windows 8 platform and the Windows store

Play Introduction to the Windows 8 platform and the Windows store

The Discussion

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    Yves Rochon

    Good content, but I'd rather not see someone's face come on and off on a camera during the video. People who walk by my cubicle might get the wrong idea.

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    Mohammad Abujaradeh

    Thank you Jennifer for making up this time to deliver this great content.great job

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    I'm unable to watch this (and others in the series). I've tried both the streaming version and two downloaded versions (mid-WMV and mid-MP4). I've also tried them on my Playbook, to rule out bad codecs on my desktop. The ones I've tried fail a minute or two in.


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    mary toohey

    This video is not that great. Common , regular people do not understand all the jibberish she is talking about. Some of us want to know how to just find our email, games , yahoo messenger, .. She is talking in hard to understand computer tech jibberish. Make a new video , using talk that we understand. This is not good.

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