Windows Store App Development for iOS Developers

  • Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus
  • December 13 - 14, 2012
  • Speakers at Windows Store App Development for iOS Developers

This event will stream live on Channel 9 December 13 and 14. To register in advance for the live stream, click here. On demand videos for these sessions will be posted after the event. 

Join the Big Nerd Ranch and Microsoft for this free, two-day training designed to jumpstart your Windows Store app development.

We recommend a virtualization solution for cross-platform development on OSX.

You will learn the ins-and-outs of the Windows platform from iOS developers who are now building Windows apps. Sessions will follow a low-key, interactive format where iOS terms and concepts will be mapped to Windows alternates. You will also get hands-on time to apply what you've learned.

Day 1:
• Introduction to the platform and the Windows Store
• Design differences between iOS and Windows 8
• Tooling: Visual Studio and Blend
• Asynchronous programming
• Consuming web services
• Advanced UI development with XAML (data binding, templates, and collections)
• Ask the Experts panel
• InstallFest

Day 2:
• Process Lifecycle Management and State Management
• Notifications and Live tiles
• Bing Maps, SkyDrive, and Microsoft Account integration
• C++ for Windows Store Apps
• Reusing code with Windows Phone
• Hands-on-labs

PS: For more introductory information on building your first Windows Store App, our Absolute Beginners series on the topic is a great way to get started!