Certifying wireless devices using Windows Hardware Certification Kit

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This session provides guidance on testing and certifying Wi-Fi and mobile broadband networking devices with Windows 8. The session focuses on improvements to the wireless LAN and mobile broadband areas of the Windows Hardware Certification Kit. The Windows Hardware Certification Program helps to ensure the quality, compatibility, and operation of Wi-Fi and mobile broadband devices and drivers with Windows 8. The investments made for certification of networking products are considerable, ranging from tests for new Windows functionalities to fundamentals such as decreasing connectivity time and driving power consumption down.

For more information please see the slides and overview video of this presentation.









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The Discussion

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    it is clear and very helpful!!


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    The slides file has been damaged, please update it!  Thanks!

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    @undefined: The slides have been fixed.

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    could you please put up some slides demonstrating how to run tests which involves multiple systems.e.g sta-common or ext-sta

    i am particularly curious how the messaging device will be identified.

    i am facing this issue where even after successfully scheduling the sta-common test from whck its not running because of the following failure:

    Start Test 1-12-2012 6:10:15.290 PM Query WMI for device GUID and update parameter
    Message 1-12-2012 6:10:15.290 PM Executing query: SELECT GUID FROM Win32_NetworkAdapter WHERE NetConnectionID='MessageDevice'
    Error 1-12-2012 6:10:15.290 PM Please check your adapter names. Did not find any adapters with name: MessageDevice
    File: populate.js Line: 0
    Error Type: BOOL
    Error Code: 0x1
    Error Text: Error 0x00000001
    End Test 1-12-2012 6:10:15.290 PM Query WMI for device GUID and update parameter
    Result: Fail

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    whck submisson package seems to have an extension of .hckx..
    is there any viewer available to view this file.

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