Developer Platform Drill Down - Kevin Gallo, Windows Phone 8

Play Developer Platform Drill Down - Kevin Gallo, Windows Phone 8

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    Dennis S

    I am really sad, disappointed, angry with what I heard in the summit.
    - No WinRT support. Another intermediate Solution?
    - No XAML/C++ -> native a second class citizen - how could this happen :( !
    - Different XAML stack in WP8 than in WinRT (not based on D2D, not native)
    - Windows team uses a different UI stack because they know the dev framework sucks :(
    - MSFT employes hating on native developers citing "safety" and "reliablity" concerns. Wow.
    - No native support in WP7.8 because it is already there and MSFT and selected partners already use it - great job!
    - WP7.5 users who bought a phone in 2012(!) cannot get WP8. They will get cosmetic changes but the dev platform will be dead. Great! I knew advising people to buy the Lumia 900 was a good idea! Thank you.

    Who makes these stupid decisions seriously? Phones are very limited in ressources (CPU, GPU, Memory). To efficiently (less battery drain, rich UI, etc.) use the hardware, native code is still the best option. But no, MSFT has (finally) a Native UI on WinRT (ARM) but not on WP8 (ARM).

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    @Dennis S: Nothing wrong with starting somewhere. Give us some credit. Watch the keynote and understand what shared core does mean, too.


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    @Dennis S:

    you're making alot of assumtions that i think are false, but i dont blame you.. why oh why microsoft do you seem hell bent on confusing and scaring your developer base? just to be cool like apple? stop that, please..

    Why can you just come out and say "win phone 8 uses directx 11", "WinRT will be available but maybe not all the apis". how hard is that? but no, lets have vague statements like "it shares the core of windows 8" with absolutley no mention of the frameworks and apis developers actually use.

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    I am a big fun of windows phone but voice control and conversation demo is really early for production. It is too primitive if we compare to iphone siry engine for example.

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    Doctor Who

    Did Kevin mention something about Audible, saying that it was even available for WP 7.5?  Sounds like something that's more or less along the lines of Siri, but when I look for it in the marketplace all I see if the Audible for book reading.  Am I missing something?

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    Dont know about Audible. 

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