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Watch the on-demand video of our June 20 press event in San Francisco outlining the past and future of Windows Phone.





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The Discussion

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    Jaime Bula

    No more silverlight?

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    Good We can buy windows phone 8.

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    Mohit Verma

    Windows phone 7 is a great platform for developer , but only thing that
    lack here is that our apps do not look good not matter how hard we try
    to make it beautiful because of limited resolution of 480 x 800,hope with increased resolution our apps look great..

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    Multi core, NFC, IE10, 3 screen resolutions, redesigned start menu that will also come to WP7 in the 7.8 update, more intergration with things like skype and the possibility that WP8 will sync with Win 8 without the need for extra software!

    Microsoft, you know how to please!

    Love how the WP8 is only coming to new handsets that are to be released also. Why, because it'll give Microsoft a clean slate meaning things will work much more smothely. Especially with the windows 8 core being in WP8 too.

    I'm still frustrated though, I only got my Nokia Lumia 710 (unlocked) about 2 months ago! Well... as long as the 7.8 update has enough keep it relivent.

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    Laura the Social Butterfly? I wonder who that is Wink

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    Awesome Windows Phone reboot. Great to see soem more Options on the Home Screen. Now need to improve the horrible second Screen: An excessive scroll page of Apps is not really appealling. The Second Page should be a Panorama of Application Live Tiles, Just like The Windows 8.

    Hopefully we can still build and run XNA based games for this platform. Albeit not obviously promoted.

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    oooo and I just bought the lumia 900....and now I realize that i cant upgrade to win 8 ....bad microsoft, you kill the sales of the lumia by now.

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    Sounds awsome but microsoft really need to clarify what the deal is  with winRT, is used or not? what parts are in winRTP/winPRT/whatsit?

    i assume someone at marketing thought it would be a great idea to skirt around that perticular detail, to sound technical while not actually beeing to specific, but it just creates confusion amongst the real developers...

    is win phone 8 using the windows 8 xaml framework? is it really using DX11? if only microsoft would confirm things like this instead of just hinting..

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    The convergence between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 is a very good news for the platform.

    By the way, I you are a Windows App Developer, let's join the group that gathers Windows 8 and Windows Phone developers on LinkedIn :

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    It sure seems like they got their bases covered with all the new features, not to mention alleviating the pain of porting from one platform to the other with the shared core.

    I find this altogether brilliant!


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    I have to admit that I got really excited about Windows Phone 8 - much more so than I thought that I would. I already have a WinPhone7 and it's kind of starting to wear off a bit - I got the first one out in the market.

    Now I really really want the new Windows Phone 8! Smiley


    I crave a new phone experience besides the ultra dull and boring iOS and Android ones. Windows Phone IS really a fresh breeze, too bad they came so late into the SmartPhone revolution.

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    Thank you. That was a very nicely presented update on Windows Phone 8 and I admire and respect you all very much for these efforts. Good job! I look forward to giving my best effort to producing good apps for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.


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    I can't watch this Windows Phone Keynote on my Windows Phone (Silver light video no supported). Someone needs to get fired!

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    There's a whole bunch of links at the bottom of the video. One of them is Mid Quality MP4 for WP7 / HTML5

    , NetProtocal wrote

    I can't watch this Windows Phone Keynote on my Windows Phone (Silver light video no supported). Someone needs to get fired!

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    When is Windows Phone getting STK? (the potential market for Windows Phones with STK is huge... Outside the US and Europe of course)

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    android craps


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    liam mcmullen

    what about giving wp7 and vpn client?

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    Great set of new features coming to the Windows Phone platform, and the "Enterprise ready" support is a must have that was missing. Love it all! Smiley
    Although, there were a lot of mentions to the number of Apps in the Marketplace, from a consumer perspective that's completely irrelevant, as long as the "important" apps for consumers are there. 

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    @mohit : According to him, things look bad immediately because of "low" resolution.   All, consider  this opinion instead:

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    Sunil Dash

    Great course to learn and understand all featured products of Microsoft.

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    If there was a blacklist / call blocker app I would buy this

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    Looks kinda cool. 

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    I think the only missing thing in the WP8 is the VPN connection which is very crucial.

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