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    David Espino

    One question about Manifest JS. Some actual platforms allow you to create cross platform until certain point, when you need something very device specific (camera, push notifications, keyboard), most of the times you need to code this on native platform code (ex. Unity3ds accessing device keyboard events). Are you saying that Manifest js generates this extra code by us?. If I code something to put a frame within the camera using Windows object to work with Camera, is it going to work on iOS and Android without having the need to create native code?


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    So, you are bringing back the ActiveX but this time you are calling them DLL's... guys you are greatly missing the point of the word "STANDARDS" we have suffer enough in government institutions, or massive projects due to this kind of thinking which in time only leads to catastrophic results when ever people don't use your old browsers, I wish that Microsoft understand that China just revoke their OS and Browser which leads to a domino effect in terms of software development.   

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