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    Overall, I am learning a lot today, thank you.  Interesting 'redefinition' of personal computing though. I would like to make a correction to Nikola's statement about human movement only being recognized in last 10 years ... this technology was unveiled in 1990 at the opening of Tech2000 in Washington DC (I don't know what has happened to the concept now but I was there for the opening) ... and perhaps movement recognition was being used elsewhere too.  The demonstrated application was done with a projector and detected shadows on a draped cloth.  Obviously, this way of capturing movement had room for improvement ... but it was around ...

    InCanvas looks like it bears more research --  handwriting interests me as it is such a valuable skill and much faster than typing!  ... like anything, however, handwriting requires practice or it is not fast ...


    On the topic of synthesizers ... I am interested in TONE synthesizers ... any built-in capabilities or libraries I can use to create and adjust waveform parameters to generate tones and modify tone parameters such as amplitude, attack, decay, timbre, ... ?

    thank you ~ have an awesome day


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