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Join is right here on January 21 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time to learn about the next chapter for Windows 10.





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The Discussion

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    i would like to know about win 10.

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    @koushal:then just goto insider site and download it

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    I need Subtitles. Find who can me!

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    I can't wait to try out the new bits. Hopefully the new desktop music app can sync contnet with windows phone. I'm also loving the new UI.

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    1 week wait i have! :}

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    Yawn. These people are a joke.

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    Please get Scott Hanselman to keynote these events.

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    Agreed. These guys are pretty robotic and scripted. Need more folks like Scott to add some personality into the presentations.

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    OK So where can I download the HaloLens SDK ?


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    This video got uploaded waaaaaaaaaaaaay late. I searched EVERYWHERE to get it as soon as the event finished and finally watched it from YouTube. You guys should upload these kind of stuff sooner please :D

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    Absolutely cartoon characters presenting some of the greatest things. I couldn't stand Mr. Steve Madden (Joe). Satya sounded like Dr. Phil.

    If I have to listen to the content, I need the right face, right voice. Like others expressed, where is Scott Hanselman?

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    Have you any video relating to MVC in C#??If there, then plz upload it

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    This looks too good to be true! Will Ms be able to keep the expectations that its building?

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    I need spanish subtitules.


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    In the stream have english subtittles, the transcription?

    Tools come Cortana and Bing Translator

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    It's all great, new exciting features and stuff... But please fix also some minor, but painful issues, like missing confirmations when working with call history log on Windows Phone.

    Currently, on WP8.1 if I accidentally touch Delete instead of Details (and both menu entries are right next to each other), the history record is gone for good. Also, if I touch a history record not long enough, my phone immediately starts calling the number (e.g, calling my boss in late evening). I think, such important actions - calling and deleting - should always have confirmations to avoid bad surprises.

    Android also has confirmation before calling someone from the call history log.

    Also, it would be great to have custom dictionaries for text messages and emails for every language, not only English. If I often type some words, I'd like my phone to be smart enough to remember these words, no matter what is the language. Again, Android does that.

    On WP8, font sizes worked much better without cropping and overlapping if I set font size to large in accessibility settings.

    After upgrading to WP8.1, some internal default applications started having font rendering issues - text overlapping, some texts still being rendered with small fonts etc. Notice - I don't complain about third party apps, these are all internal apps, like various Settings screens.

    I really hope to see some little things improved here and there on Windows 10 for phones to make user experience smoother.

    Good luck!

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    If these guys want to excite people at these events, they should attend the odd Apple event to see how it's really done properly....

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    That was great.  Satya was great too, and I think the HoloLens is amazing.  Congratulations Microsoft. 

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    استخدمته قليلا ثم عدت الى ويندوز 7 لان تصميم ويندوز 10 غير مريح 

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    Great content again!

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