Building personal and productive apps with Composition and XAML updates

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The Discussion

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    Will there be a Slide deck added along with the video?

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    No caption?

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    @mdtauk:just uploaded them

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    Great new features and capabilities. I like it.

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    We are trying to get this SVG support running, but with no luck so far!

    Neither in Universal App nor in Desktop App (our trarget platform).

    Even the latest source from Github ( is out of date! The referenced TargetPlatformVersion 10.0.15021.0 in NorthwindPhoto.csproj dosn't exist. From where can we get this SDK version???

    The project itself doesn't contain a single svg file!
    Will there be an updated demo source code available?

    From my point of view: very disappointing!!! :(



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    I tried sending email to the email account in this video,, and was rejected by Microswoft SMTP server so I'll comment here.

    Basically all I am looking to do is use the CompositeShadow user control included in the SampleGallery sample on github WindowsUIDevLabs on a framework element that overlaps a WebView.  The encapsulated element renders fine but without the shadow effect.  Wondering what options I have short of reverting to HTML?

    I haven't tried the background blur over the WebView either but I'm wondering if that would also not work in this scenario.  Regardless, both effects are needed for the type of application I'm building and I would love to see these items work when overlapping a WebView.

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    Bad presentation.

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