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    Une bonne chose utile, bien

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    Ahmet Y

    çok güzel...

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    Kim Sanders

    Hi, This COMPLETELY DOES NOT WORK! Do not even try. For a week after i created campaign, i did not get any installs. The CPI after the end of the campaign was $28. MSFT & FB are kidding me here.

    Fix your stupid product. This is a piece of $hit app install add product

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    Hi Kim, apologies for belated. If you want to share details on your experience please reach out to me at jaimer at 

    What you describe is different than most other's partners experience (with not getting installs after a week, that is very unusual). 
    CPI also depends on your creative, the targeting you use, etc. 

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    Hmm, there is one thing here that I don't fully understand. We add the winsdkfb Facebook Campaign ID to the relevant section of the App.xaml.cs along with the ActivateApp method call. This code gets executed every time the app starts - and according to the presenter Facebook will know that this app is already activated or not. This is all clear...but...

    If I configure a Facebook ad campaign for App Installs I think the actual charge will gets applied to the campaign budget every time the pixel-based remote method (in this case the SDK's ActivateApp method) is called at the very first time. But what happens if the install is not related to the Facebook campaign? What if there is a Bing/AdWords PPC ad campaign also running in parallel with the FB campaign or just getting some installs because the app is participating in the Windows Store Community Ad exchange campaign?

    Whilst this tutorial is good I fail to see how an advertiser is not getting charged for app installs that is not related to Facebook campaign.

    If you could shed some light on this issue I would be grateful.

    Thank you

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