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    I'm still not sure what really to do with acrylic, especially what the semantic rationale (if any) is. It seems like a gag that's nice once or twice, but wears off quickly. 

    Do we really want the user's desktop backgrounds bleed into the apps? Isn't that awfully distracting? I'm not convinced.



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    I get the impression that acrylic is meant for use on transient controls. So perhaps a slide out menu, where the user makes a selection. In that case it makes it clear for the first time user that the menu slides away and there is content behind which they might want to switch back to.

    For me its a nice to have.

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    Beautiful, but ultimately pretty pointless/useless means of doing something with all the blank spaces in UWP apps.

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    Acrylic is a fantastic acquisition in FCU.

    thank you



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