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    Is the Ink Analysis demo shown available anywhere? It was a great way of showing what can be done with Ink and I'd never seen how powerful it could be until this video

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    @RoguePlanetoid: thank you. The demo app is not available publically but you can find the ink analysis sample code here: 

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    We would love to use ink more, especially for drawing/sketching/etc, but it seems that some manufacturers (i.e. HP's Spectre X360) are still having driver and firmware issues. For example, user configuration of the pressure curve for the Spectres nTrig stylus is non-existent. I'm not sure if this is something that Microsoft can add as a global option to remap/calibrate input values from lightest (user applied) pressure to heaviest to normalized (0, 1) values. For example, the lightest amount of pressure that I can apply and have apps recognize it is around 40%. It would be great if there was a way to set an *actual* range so that I could map that 40% to 95% to 0-100%. This would greatly help when shading drawings where a light touch currently produces a much darker-than-desired result.

    Another issue that seems to be common and is particularly bad on HP's Spectre is the multi-second delay when switching from stylus input to touch input. The Spectre's delay is around 3-4 seconds which makes it extremely aggravating when drawing and using ones other hand to quickly change brush options or when simply entering text with the stylus and then scrolling or touching the screen with one's finger.

    It's great to see MS adding new Ink features, but I would also love to see the basic input improved to where it is as useful as possible and not frustrating to use.

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