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    Hi. I followed your code step by step (New Kids on the Block feelings) and all was working well until I extended Acrylic to the title bar, when all menu items and hamburger menu cease to work. I was capable to track the issue to the TextBlock, but unable to find a solution. Any idea about what I'm doing wrong? And excuse  my English, it's a bit rusty.

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    joasantana's problem with the NavigationView/TextBlock was also identified (and fixed) in a Stackoverflow entry, the link to which is as follows:

    The problem, it seems, is that the TextBlock overlays the NavigationView so when you click on the app the click is registered on the TextBlock and not the NavigationView. Check out the link.

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    The NavigationViewItemHeader doesn't work correctly when collapsing the Nav HamburgerButton. I had to fix it with a Margin property hack:

    <NavigationViewItemHeader Content="Man-Made" Margin="35,0,0,0"/>

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    First Of all , this doesn't help firs time user, the code provided is misleading and didn't work from start ... <NavigationView.MenuItems> -> The attachable property 'MenuItems' was not found in type 'NavigationView' . Its appears first when i try to add into XAML code. Its Frustrating that most tutorials are so unclear and unprofessional.

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    Worked perfectly for me. This was extremely help. Thanks Yulia.

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