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    Can I go to the Microsoft store and swipe something?

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    What version of VS and W10 are you running. Because the code in Page.Resources gives me an error saying "Failed to add the child at index 0."

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    I am trying this in my project and the swipe control renders like sh*t.

    The swipe items render on top of the Item when I hover over it and the swipe doesn't work at all!


    Also, try fixing those things first and then build new controls, otherwise no developer will spend time on your creations:

    - Minimizing the app must not suspend it. This is not a desktop experience and it should not be a mobile experience either. Make better bateries already!

    - There is no global exception handler. That's why ALL store apps crash when you use them (try minimizing restoring, minimizing, clicking on them and they WILL crash).

    - You cannot even debug UWP apps. Most of the time some native code crashes and the debugger doesn't even catch that or where did it come from. That's an embarrassment for MS.

    - Losing focus should not automatically switch the brush (e.g. change acrylic brush with solid brushes).

    - Most, if not all UWP apps have the system menu on the titlebar with a different color than the rest of the titlebar. This looks terrible.

    - UWP feels like a crippled version of WPF to me. Sure... remove the features that you consider too heavy, but at least replace them with something better that does the same job.

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