UWP + Xamarin: Native Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

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    great preview and explanation.
    i hope to find the code-example on the net.

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    Thanks James for the great preview. Just curious, have you shared the code of the Contoso Air app?

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    Hey there, we will be looking to open source the project after connect();

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    nice. waiting for the code.

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    Jeff Lewis

    Uhm.. how is UWP "mobile"? Windows doesn't run on any phones and you can't use it to build apps for iOS or Android.

    As for 'native first', that's nice, but the big advantage of XAML is that you can be as native as you want, but you're free to build what you want as well.

    As for cross-platform...

    Windows <TextBox />
    UWP <TextBox />
    iOS <Editor />
    Android <Editor />
    MacOS <Editor />

    I've been building XF apps across all platforms and I'm sorry - it's a frustrating experience. Things that are trivial to do in WPF or UWP are so painful to do in XF. And small things break it so easily - like nesting ListViews for example. Or forgetting to wrap content in the ViewCell in specific cases (but not all). It's so wildly inconsistent.

    Why not go the other way, rather than embedding Xamarin Forms in WPF.. why not bring it into sync with WPF and extend it so you can choose to use 'native' controls or rendered controls?

    I'm inclined to just build my own render set on the existing XF foundation and just get it done.

    PS: Take a look at native games and apps on iOS and Android. Not all apps on those platforms use native UI controls either.

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    What type of project is ContosoAir.Clients.Core? At 7:38 you say its shared .NET standard, but can .NET standard have xaml's in it? I take it this is where the Xamarin magic comes in, but I think I'm missing something.

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    @JamesMontemagno: Thanks James!

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    Dear Sir James​ Montemagno

    Thank you for an excellent video. Have you made any progress adding this project to Github. I know you mention connect. I am not sure when that it because this will be an excellent example to show and convince management that Xamarin Forms can work.

    Kind Regards


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    Great video, looking forward to viewing the source code when its ready. Not related to this video but
    my bosses are keen on android auto and apple car play. I know both of these can be coded on their native platforms at the moment, but is there any sign of xamarin forms support.


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    Is the source code going to be made available for download?

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    Hello sir,
    The explanation was brief.It would be great if you provide us with the code.

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    Xamarin app is using mono runtime.. how can you say "native performance"?



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    Is Source code of Contoso Air available publicly by any chanvce?

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