Continuous Delivery Zen with Windows Azure

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Ever felt that you spend more time packing deployments, configuring test environments and deploying the latest build in order to please the testers than you spend writing actual code? Had your flow interrupted by the boss wanting a demo environment set up for a customer demo? Fortunately built into the Windows Azure Platform there is great support for Continuous Delivery of the greatness that you just built. With little work, you can set up automated builds, test runs and deployments so that you may focus on what’s important - your next delivery. If you want full control of your whole process you can use third-party continuous integration options with Windows VMs. Through Power Shell there is support for any scenario. For those who are really brave you can even set up push from your development box via Git to live production environments with no downtime! In this word of high demand for delivery and agility everything that can be automated must be automated. Automate, automate, automate!

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