You've Built an App... Now What!?

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When companies embark on building mobile apps, almost all of the focus is on what the app is and what it does. Developers, Designers, and Business Sponsors spend hours and hours pouring over navigation patterns, colors, and nuances of page curl transitions, but they don't think about how they're going to get the app onto devices until they're ready to deploy. This session will focus on the three ways to build mobile apps and dive deeply into enterprise deployment options





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The Discussion

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    Very interesting. For many years I'm an iOS developer, but now I'm also a Xamarin developer.

    For the signing of iOS there wasn't any news for me, but for Android & Win it was very interesting.
    Only hate to say: the signing of the iOS apps is already changed since this presentation was given (in Xcode 8, beta released last monday) there is a big change with signing the app.

    I love the overview of Hockey! I'm gonna use this for my projects :).

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