Exploring UrhoSharp 3D with Xamarin Workbooks

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    Rod Mac

    Just had a quick look at this article following an email from the VS Team. It sounds like a very compelling graphics engine, but a couple of Q's:

    1. will this handle 2D and controls e.g. a radio button?
    2. essentially it does away with XAML and can be written in C# (which is nice because markup is surely less efficient)?
    3. can it be cross-compiled for WebAssembly/HTML output?

    Thank you.

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    I had some trouble following along with this, as there is little info on what version of Urho are working and how to get workbooks setup so that it is working.

    1. I had to open an existing workbook using Notepad that was referencing version 1.5.22 of UrhoSharp, copied and edited the new .workbook I'd just created with Notepad, closed and opened with the Workbooks app as a .Net Console app, then let the package manager get it. 

    Note: using the more recent version 1.9.67 (most recent as of date of this post) throws an error, for instance on setting materials can't find an entry point in mono-holourho.dll or missing routines with Material class.


    2. Edit "Urho.dll" to be just "Urho"


    3. A folder named 'Data' must be created in your folder structure, I created one at same level as the .workbook file. Then realized I needed the Data and Images from https://github.com/xamarin/Workbooks/tree/master/graphics/urhosharp/mobius-strip-speedway/MobiusStripSpeedway.workbook and this gives the whole.

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