Introduction to Xamarin for Visual Studio 2017

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James Montemagno walks you through how Xamarin for Visual Studio 2017 makes it even easier to deliver fully native Android, iOS, and UWP apps from a single C# codebase. You'll learn what's new, including: the Xamarin Inspector and Profiler, new language features in C# 7, and how Visual Studio 2017 streamlines mobile development for .NET developers everywhere.

In this webinar, you will:
• Get step-by-step demos and technical documentation to build your first apps with Xamarin for Visual Studio 2017
• Add mobile-essential backend features faster with Connected Templates and Connected Services
• Utilize the latest Xamarin features, including Inspector, Workbooks, Profiler, Remote iOS Simulator, and more
• Learn how to create amazing apps with the latest C# 7 features

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    James forgot to mention a tiny detail about the iOS simulator for Windows - it is only offered for the rich and famous and to those who work at Forbes 500. Sad!

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