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    If I buy a mac mini, how do I see the simulator? Do I have to buy another display or is there a way to see it on my windows laptop?

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    This was quite helpful and very well done. Those two are quite the dynamic duo when it comes to teaching. Channel 9 videos like these is one of the reasons I keep choosing to develop with Microsoft tools. Thanks. 


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    when will Videos for the remaining sessions be available? I applied for XAM student partner and even emailed students@XAMRAIN but no response. Could you please improve XAM student partner program and approve my application

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    Pierce Boggan

    @usman: Yes, the videos will be made available. :) Xamarin Student Partners is currently closed for applications. If/when our application period is re-opened, you will receive a message to the account you applied for the program with. Thanks!

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    @bmontegani:Early on with Xamarin I had have used VNC to my Mac with some success.  So when setting up the Mac just turn on its remote desktop capability.  Then use a VNC client from Windows to connect to the Mac.

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