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    Xamarin is brilliant! Thanks for the amazing demonstration James!

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    When will Xaml designer for Windows come to Xamarin forms? Now it's support iOs and Android but not Microsofts own Windows.

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    someone could tell me where I can get subtitles for this video.

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    Nice video. :)

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    A great summary! Are there any stats about how many apps have been developed cross-platform already with Xamarin? And what are the most successful ones?

    I wonder if the advantages of Xamarin come mostly into play for newer apps... many of the existing top apps for Android/iOS have been developed before Xamarin became popular. Doing a switch now after many development cycles might be not interesting for those publishers... or am I wrong here? Greets, Markus from WinBuzzer

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    This is a must watch video for anyone new to Xamarin.  Outstanding presentation of incredibly cool Xamarin features. Thank you!

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    Very good, but it was not clear to me the part of bind a event (button_click) to a UI element.

    The old "Hello World" example would be useful.

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    The information is a great resource who is working and exploring the power of C# and Xamarin for Mobile app development.  Thanks folks.  Keep up the good work..!

    @ravichandravedula. #inclabs

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