Building complex Single Page Application should be as enjoyable as visit to a SPA

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When you're building a workflow-rich web site or application, you're in danger of getting buried under piles of entangled JavaScript code, web pages, styles and other related artifacts. It's better to follow the best practices from the beginning to reduce the weight of the complexity and enable easy extensibility of your code. We're going to discuss how to apply modern patterns like MVC, Composition, data-binding, routing in the Asp.Net hybrid applications and see how they work in practice.







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The Discussion

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    Very Good! Thanks, I learned the ASPConf only now, but I'm watching all the lectures!

    Tip: It could be subtitled for those who do not speak English, would be simpler to understand!

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    Jon K

    I found this video really interesting, very informative and it highlighted that I'm a bit behind with some of the more recent approaches to client-side javascript! I've got some learning to do :)

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