Common ASP.NET Design Patterns

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Design Patterns provide common templates for solving the same family of problems in a similar way. They also provide a higher-level language for software developers to use to describe approaches they might choose when designing a component of an application. In this session, you'll learn about several of the most common, and useful, design patterns used by ASP.NET developers today.```







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    Decent presentation on using 5 of the most commonly used Design Patterns in an ASP.NET MVC project.  The patterns covered are: Singleton, Strategy, Repository, Proxy, Command and Factory.  After explaining and showing sample code for each of the 5 patterns, the presenter walks through a fork of the MVCMusic sample application to show where each pattern could be used to make the code more readable, structured, testable and/or easily modified.  Sample code and presentation slides are on the presenter's website:

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