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The Discussion

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    Just began watching and it doesn't appear that any of the iPhone screens are being shown in the video.



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    Chris Love


    I think you are right. Looks like Camtasia did not pick up the iPhone RDP screen. Not sure what to do about it though. I will try to record a future presentation on the topic and post it.

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    Same thoughts as Bill... a lot of the stuff Chris is talking through isn't actually shown in the video. I don't know if they were on a different monitor.

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    As others have said, the iPhone screens weren’t appearing, so it can be a bit difficult to follow this talk in places. That’s a real shame though as it was otherwise very interesting.

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    Richard Chang

    Hi Chris,

    Too bad about the iPhone screenshots not rendering.

    Your discussion is difficult to follow without code and screenshots.

    Would you be sharing the source code so that we can try it in WebMatrix2 ?

    Thanks, Rich C

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