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Windows Azure is a flexible and open cloud platform for a wide variety of applications ranging from web sites to enterprise and mobile applications.  In this foundation session Scott Guthrie will demonstrate how to quickly build and deploy applications using the new Windows Azure features and services including Windows Azure Web Sites, Virtual Machines, and new developer tools and SDKs.


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The Discussion

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    How do you watch this? I don't see anything on this page...

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    The video is not yet published folks, the event was just yesterday, sorry!

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    That was an awesome keynote! I've already publish my first site to an Azure. Simple and exiting.

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    Jacques M

    Your global presence misses Africa is it done by ignorance or you hope that you can attach Africa to whatever you want, this mediocre marketing really. Africa face is changing and you should be giving it a hand to enable some countries to develop.

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    Jacob Hamacher

    Very inspiring. What Scott demos in seconds is something that can take months or years do provision from an internal IT-department.
    I did a bloggpost about this in Swedish:

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    James C

    Jacques, I saw some African countries in that list.

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    Hi Scott, would you be able to post the code for your TwitterReader app? :)

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    Great Video, any chance of the PowerPoint slides that were shown in the background please...


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    Jacques M

    @James C,

    I didn't see any Datacentre in Africa, I re-watched it again and again, it may not make any economic sense maybe to put a datacentre in Africa, but they shouldn't wait for Huawei or another powerful chinese company to come to Africa to start getting interest.
    Just a note, we appreciate vaccines and food Africa gets from Europe but the best way to help us pay our way out of poverty is if we have jobs. Teach us how to fish not give us fish. There are countries doing all they can to develop their IT and a little bit of interest would make huge difference

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