Three web frameworks. All .NET. All Community Driven. One hour. Go.

Play Three web frameworks. All .NET. All Community Driven. One hour. Go.
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In the .NET space the overwhelming majority of web projects are built with ASP.NET in one form or another. For many of those projects this a good choice. But there are alternatives. Alternatives that offer other approaches, and supports other ways of thinking. Alternatives that are developed by the community. Altenratives that run on Mono. Maybe one those alternatives is the better fit for your next project - except if don't know about them you will never know. In this code heavy talk I'll show the same sample application in the three Open Source .NET web frameworks FubuMVC, OpenRasta and Nancy. You will not become an expert at anything by attending this talk - but your may discover just the right web framework for your next project.







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