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aspConf Keynote - Scott Hanselman

1 hour, 13 minutes, 38 seconds


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Scott Hanselman gives the second day keynote for aspConf. In this session, Scott Hanselman starts by explaining the vision of One ASP.NET. He then shows a bunch of mind-blowing prototype features, and ends by answering dozens of live questions from the community. This is a must-see session that happens to be a ton of fun, too.

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  • RAHIM MohamedIslamath Software Architecte & Math Fan

    It was a great pleasure to attend that Session Smiley

  • DanDan

    i think the high quality wmv might be wrong, its smaller than the mid quality

  • Super cool Smiley

  • AuxonRichard.Hein Read it: ​http://bitc​oin.​org/bitcoin.​pdf

    Nice new proposed features.  I like the little things, like the colour displayed adjacent to the code for it.  The idea of splitting out the features sounds like the right direction.  Lots of new stuff to look forward to.

  • jdkjdk

    Any link to the whole presentation? The beginning where he showed the home office was great.

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    @Dan: Weird. Looking into it.


  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    @Dan: It's actually due to our encoding process (the mid is too big and we'll address). The fact is that this is a screencast (so, there is no live action video data) and the HQ file is actually correct. It's how we processed the other files that we need to address (and we are). Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


  • Love the Window - Close all documents being built in.  It's the little things.  Smiley

  • MikeMike

    2pac = Webforms. Nobody is on Google plus. Lol. This session was fun to watch. Ain't nothin but a Webforms party! If there was a good way to use MVC and stored procedures I would switch.

  • ChuckChuck

    Excellent. Thank you Scott! Also lol on "Y No New Stuff" reference. I remember that guy... he probably owns a red swingline stapler.

  • Ali TakiAliTaki Ali Taki

    Loved it, I was interested in all the sessions, currently downloading the ones I missed in the other rooms, thanks for the great event Big Smile

  • michaelmichael

    We can EMBRACE THE CASE or we can download this extension and have any case we want ;) http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/a83505c6-77b3-44a6-b53b-73d77cba84c8

  • Sandeep SachanSandeep Sachan


  • Great presentation! The start was very funny.

  • Nuget is awesome, and does make it easy to get out-of-band releases, but I'm in still at a loss when choosing which components to add to a site.  Especially when nuget packages change names.  I would like official microsoft nuget packages to at least get top billing in the extension manager or some sort organization / categorization around package types.  Do out of band packages get the same kind of support???

  • KenKen

    @Charles: Could you also check the MP4 encoding? They are several times larger than the WMV files. Thanks.

  • Wolfgang Zieglerzico zico

    great presentation, thx!

    haha, "... don't follow me on google+ 'cause no one is there" ..

  • Jimmy JohnJimmy John

    I'm working on a Nuget package that I call Capitalizer. It's a response filter for ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC that capitalizes text in menus, etc. so that it matches Microsoft's recommended Metro style guidelines. I'm going to see if I can knock EntityFramework off the box and become the most downloaded Nuget package.

  • Great talk. I liked the tacky animations too. Loved the bit where he showed us how he controls a remote camera in his office. Very light-hearted, and humorous at times, but also informative.

  • SeanSean

    Funny how you used the Tools menu to get to the options for Quick Launch!

  • tracetrace

    "Dont follow me on Google+ 'coz no one's there..."


  • Yves CourbierYves Courbier

    Scott, this is great stuff. I also feel very much enabled as a .NET developer. However, my company recently decided to move from .NET to an open source platform (Python, Django, Mule, etc) and selected DB2 as its database engine (MySql not considered robust enough but what if?). I personally still think that the Microsoft stack is far superior in terms of productivity but what can/will Microsoft do about this kind of bold move?

  • GuestGuest

    Scott, thank you for the great video talk.

    I have one question:

    Can you integrate Fiddler in browse with options? (it will be useful for web API development)

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