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There are hundreds of really smart web engineers who keep doing work and then giving it away for free in the form of Internet specifications. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to take advantage of all that brain power and apply it to solve the problems you are having?

Maybe you are trying to decide how to create a response body with error details. Did you know there is a draft specification called http-problem that defines that? Don't waste your team's time bikeshedding over whether it should be errorMessage or exceptionDescription' just follow the standard.

So many standards bodies: IETF' W3C' WHATWG' OASIS' ISO' ECMA... Who owns what specifications? Where can I ask for help? Is it free? Do I have to be a member? This talk will provide the answers' the missing context' guidance and some tools to enable you to start taking advantage of this wealth of resources.



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