Microsoft Cloud Day 2014

Build! Deploy! Scale! Whether you're a start-up or large enterprise-- if you're looking to migrate or build secure, reliable, and easily manageable apps, you're probably already thinking about the public cloud. Don't miss the opportunity to hear the latest on Microsoft Azure from the Azure User Group summer conference in London, where Microsoft's global experts and Most Valued Professionals share their insights on the newest features and show examples how to get the most from the Azure platform. Get practical "How To" instruction and demo to get started with Azure cloud services free, build websites in the cloud, build mobile services in the cloud, build cloud services.

  • Using Recommendations at Scale in the Cloud: Countdown to AzureML
  • Scaling your mobile and Windows applications with Azure Notification Hubs
  • Introduction & Highlights
  • Keynote:  Rise of the Humans-  Regaining Control in the Digital Age.
  • Get Started with the Cloud: Learning & Demos for New Users and Startups
  • Building Internet of Things applications with Azure and Orleans
  • Presentation from Startups:  From AWS to Azure
  • Presentation from Startups:  Building Zudio