dotnetConf 2014

dotnetConf is a free, online conference for helping developers create desktop, mobile, web, and cloud-based applications using the .NET Framework.

Registration is not required to attend. Help us get a community head count by registering!

We're still working out the details for sessions and speakers. For more information, please check out

  • State of .NET (Keynote)
  • New Innovations in .NET Runtime
  • The Future of C#
  • Building Universal Windows Apps with XAML and C# in Visual Studio
  • .NET Native Deep Dive
  • Fun with .NET - Windows Phone, LEGO Mindstorms, and Azure
  • Kinect for Windows
  • What's New in XAML Platform & Tooling
  • Developing Native iOS, Android, and Windows Apps with Xamarin
  • What's new for WPF Developers