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    Good one
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    video is not loaded, firefox 32

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    when will recording be available??

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    I really like this and I would love to see this being supported for other types of .NET projects (like WPF and console apps) and not only web apps. Especially the use of NuGet as it would make modularity enabled by default.

    I have been thinking about the ability to write scripts in C# (.csx) and VB.NET (.vbx). What if you just could run a program that is getting compiled and run directly from source files using Roslyn? "K" Runtime seems to enable that via the Console App project type. Is this something you are looking into?

    Nice to see all the innovation happening. I'm looking forward to see and hear more in the future.

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    Absolutely awesome what you guys are building there. Can't wait to use it in the future. This is the way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I hope you guys don't start trying to parrot Maven from the Java world. Absolutely horrible build system. Looking forward to retirement if that is the case.

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