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    I have probably the most important question. Where can I buy that awesome C# t-shirt? Or at least downloadable image would be nice. Thanks!

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    Gregg Coleman

    This is very nice. Resharper does a lot of this, but it's great to see VS do this without the need to have an expensive bloated plugin

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    Is the sample code available for download?

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    These new C# features like elvis operator, primary ctor, conditional exceptions will make code shorter but also harder to read. C# will read less like traditional OOP.

    Not sure about them yet, but then again it took me a while to appreciate async await.

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    Looks like Clippy is back again.

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    @54:12 i'm pretty sure that this could be considered the MS Official coding guideline for c#

    I've also memories of a PDF document with a more extensive set of guidelines from Microsoft about the styling and the coding guidelines for c#, i suppose if was from the early dayes of c#, and now probably outdated, but definetively there is something that could be considered as official MS reference.

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    Conditional exceptions is already supported in VB since like forever. Good to see you bring C# up to pair.

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