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The Microsoft Managed Languages team has been focused on rebuilding the VB and C# compilers and editing experiences as part of Project "Roslyn". This effort has paved the way for these languages to continue evolving for many years to come. However, what does that future actually look like? We explore the editing experience, how public APIs may be used to write language-level extensions, as well as new language features.





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The Discussion

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    I have probably the most important question. Where can I buy that awesome C# t-shirt? Or at least downloadable image would be nice. Thanks!

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    Gregg Coleman

    This is very nice. Resharper does a lot of this, but it's great to see VS do this without the need to have an expensive bloated plugin

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    Is the sample code available for download?

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    These new C# features like elvis operator, primary ctor, conditional exceptions will make code shorter but also harder to read. C# will read less like traditional OOP.

    Not sure about them yet, but then again it took me a while to appreciate async await.

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    Looks like Clippy is back again.

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    @54:12 i'm pretty sure that this could be considered the MS Official coding guideline for c#

    I've also memories of a PDF document with a more extensive set of guidelines from Microsoft about the styling and the coding guidelines for c#, i suppose if was from the early dayes of c#, and now probably outdated, but definetively there is something that could be considered as official MS reference.

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    Conditional exceptions is already supported in VB since like forever. Good to see you bring C# up to pair.

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