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 The Visual Studio publishing experience for ASP.NET projects has been refined over the past few years. In this talk we will go into detail covering all the different techniques to publish your apps. We will start in Visual Studio, and quickly move to the command line and continuous integration servers. Sayed will you how you can improve your publish process to target multiple environments and how to automate publishing from a CI server. We will also take a look at some of the unique publish workflows that Azure Web Sites supports.





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The Discussion

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    Peter Marc

    Terrible presenting..

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    John Jones

    This is the worst presentation that I've ever seen from someone who obviously knows his stuff. Please consider a re-do!



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    Thanks for uploading this but, you fail as a teacher. Worst presentation I've seen so far.

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    The first two comments above where from the worst students ever :D Thanks for the video, gave me good insights

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