Kinect for Windows

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    Some of the links from the video as they havn't been posted.

    Kinect Common Bridge :

    PreOrder V2 sensor :

    V2 Training :

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    Any chance you could confirm the Kinect for Windows v2 could actually work with an Xbox One bought without a Kinect unit please? I'm preety sure the Store link said it wasn't compatible with XB1. Is there any firmware difference in the Kinect units sold with Xbox Ones currently and the one sold with the USB 3.0 adapter as a Kinect for Windows?TIA

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    Is Kinect Fusion part of the new SDK?

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    @VirtuMake:I did not find Kinect Fusion in there, but this is just a developer preview, I guess fusion might be added later on. 

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    @DhruvSakalley:@VirtuMake: Confirmed. I'm part of the Dev/Private beta program and just got an email today for it. Here's a small snip from it;

    "...  SDK updates to the program which will include new features (e.g. Kinect Fusion) as well as bug fixes along the way to our final SDK release later this year..."

    So it looks like it will be in either a future Preview or in the Final/RTM version.



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