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ASP.NET MVC 6 (now with integrated Web API!)

58 minutes, 41 seconds


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ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API in ASP.NET vNext are becoming one singular framework: ASP.NET MVC 6. Join Daniel Roth as he shows how to create great ASP.NET web apps that serve both pages and services. First we'll see how to build OData v4 compliant services using ASP.NET Web API 2.2 and the new attribute routing features available in ASP.NET MVC 5.2. Then we'll take a look at how ASP.NET MVC and Web API are being combined into a single framework, ASP.NET MVC 6, for handling all of your Web UI and services. We'll learn how to use ASP.NET MVC and Web APIs in ASP.NET vNext to support connected applications for browsers, Windows Phone, Windows Store and more!


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  • :)

  • ASP.NET MVC is the best MVC framework, Keep up the excellent work, to makes it better!

  • M.C.S.D. Jorge Apodacalicjapodaca MCSD in Web Apps

    Hi Daniel, can you share us the PowerPoint presentation of this session please ...

  • Hi

    One thing I would like to see improved is support for multilingual websites. The curent way to go is using resx files which is outdated and not at all convenient for a website.

    I would like the new MVC version to include somekind of a database driven language support meaning database should be used instead of resx, giving the users the ability to edit the text.


  • Yeah resx is nice but something better would be cool.

    Maybe building on something like what i started here http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/8b008710-a354-4503-b70d-784493114d5d

    It basically just scaffolds resx files into a c# proxy class to provide intellisense anywhere one likes. Not much work would be needed to hook that into a database with caching and all. Hey, even EF just hitting a key/value table probably could do the trick too ..but something consistent and well build into the framework would be a nice welcome !

  • mahdiamerimahdiameri

    Hello is very very good

  • chanmmchanmm chanmm

    In the whole 60 minutes I did not see how the data is retrieve and bind to the UI.

  • Seems to have great potential :D

  • Jan KratochvílJan​Kratochvil Jan Kratochvil

    Great pace of talk, really fun to watch ;).

  • Is the "edit -> save -> refresh" process going to be sped up in the future? In a video simple string change causes 6-9 seconds wait when refreshing the application in the browser. That is a lot comparing to node or php.

  • MiguelMiguel

    i notice the use of chrome as a default browser in his presentation. does it means IE is not longer being used as primary browser even in Microsoft?
    I think, Microsoft is rushing to produce software tools without a proper solid direction. Looks like they are just reacting to the market.....

  • haydozhaydoz

    Miguel, you serious? Nice way to focus on the most irrelevant point of the session.

    MVC6 is still a year away - I am not sure why you say they are rushing to produce tools with no direction. What I see is a more transparent development path.

    Personally, I'm a massive fan of the direction MS are going.

  • Hi all,

    IActionResultHelper has been changed to ContentResult,

    Code on this video was:

            public TestController(IActionResultHelper helper)
                Result = helper;
            public IActionResultHelper Result { get; set; }
            public IActionResult MvcAction()
                return Result.Content // ("MvcAction", null, null);

    Now in CTP2 is:

            public TestController(ContentResult helper)
                Result = helper;
            public ContentResult Result { get; set; }
            public IActionResult MvcAction()
                return Result.?????? // ("MvcAction", null, null);

    What is a new code for "Result.Content"?


  • mpristasmpristas

    @jsiahaan: As IActionResult is helper for creating ActionResults I suppose Result property is of type ActionResult which is also a parent class for ContentResult. So returning ContentResult should be ok.

    I haven't test it, It's only how I expect it to work

  • Vijay ArockiasamyVijay Arockiasamy

    Is there a way to get the Presentation and Source code used in this video.Please help.

  • @mpristas:This is the answer:

            public TestController(ContentResult helper)
                Result = helper;
            public ContentResult Result { get; set; }
            public ActionResult MvcAction()
                return new ContentResult
                    Content = "MvcAction Content"


  • LukaLuka

    I have been working with .NET since day 1 and i still don't see a single advantage of MVC over Web Forms. In my opinion it is just useless framework.

  • Brother BillBrother Bill

    Luka, if you are just writing small web sites, you are correct.
    But if you want to do unit testing, dependency injection, and separation of concerns, then MVC is the way to go.
    If you don't need any of this, then WebForms is all you need.

  • agree with "Brother Bill"

  • SIreeshSIreesh

    How can we publish into Windows Server 2012 from Visual Studio

    I tried with Publish into File System, in that I have notice that always publishing even in Release approot -> which have Source code , why publish includes source.

    I have copied only wwwroot files into IIS website folder , Do we need to install any packages before running from ISS

  • Hey Daniel,
    I disagree with your sentiment that Environment variables will reduce the need to have alternate Web.Config files.
    Typically when we deploy to the web, the complete VM is constructed from scratch. Dealing with environment variables would be a real pain.
    Please give some thought to solving this scenario.

    Different Environments.

    • The developer's PC. Each has their own "local" values. Perhaps some have a local copy of SQL (LocalDB) others may point to SQL in a separate VM. (the DBA devs typically test with much more data)
    • The Deployment to a DEV or Intergtration server. Part of a CI process. (Debug release, with many Perf counters)
    • The Deployment to Cloud (UAT) Maybe Debug 
    • Deployment to Cloud Staging & Production. Release build. 

    Currently this is done with VS Build configs &/or SlowCheetah.

    Often Config Variables have Email & DB passwords. (As can't use AD).
    Please ensure we can have a config hook that points to a separate "secure" file.

    It would be great if both these processes were first class citizens in the new environment.

  • @Daniel. FYI I believe the term Q1 2015 is ambiguous.

    I suspect by the way you are using it you mean Microsoft's internal timeframe meaning Financial Year Q1. Which represents the period Jun - Aug. 

    Many may assume you are referring to Calendar Year. ie Jan - Mar period. 

    Even saying "Financial Year" doesn't help, as that changes around the world. Most commonly it is 1 July. But some countries use 1 Mar, 1 Sept & 1 Jan for their fin year start. 

  • IEeeeIEeee

    Chrome?! TRAITOR!!! HERETIC!!!

  • Hi All,

    I have uncommented Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc.WebApiCompatShim and I see it in references but with yellow exclamation mark and it remains that way.

    Any idea?

  • HI Mr. Roth,

    Terrific stuff! I experimented moving an app from MVC5. More pieces needed but so far I really like the new architecture.

    I am wondering will there be a new SPA (Single Page Application) template? and if so, what framework (e.g. AngularJS, Ember.js, etc)?

    I'm asking because I'm currently updating an app in MVC5. Already decided on bootstrap but want to use SPA navigation and features and would like to make it smoothly flow into the new template.



  • Marc RousselMarc Roussel

    I'm very disappointed with MVC. How can you calculate the effort required to make an MVC web app compared to Silverlight or WPF for instance ?

    The problem with MVC is the lack of UI designer which is a very HUGE part of developing great User experience in one single page.

    You must understand that many developers are asked to make very nice WEB UI which the performance is no doubt a big factor however the UX is a very important part too which we have to make very rapidly as we do today with Silverlight.

    We all dream of this day where Microsoft will redo what he did in April 2007 this great XAML technology with C# but without plugins

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