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    The code I demonstrated (with a bunch of fixes) is now available at

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    I watched first 12 minutes of the talk, double-checked that I am one the right page and left, because to this point the talk is entirely about Angular JS (which I know is now hip, but I dont care, I wanted to learn more about SignalR)

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    Sorry to contradict any offended mind (who actually missed the boat completely...) but IMHO this short segment pretty well resumes and explains what SignalR is all about. At least gives a fair good introduction... I personally found the AngularJS approach very smart and simple. Windows Phone 8 part is done in XAML/C# with MVVM, though I guess new Windows Phone 8.1 WinJS 2 will allow to explore new interesting combinations. In my case I already have ;) Thank's Damian I'll keep a close eye on that.

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