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    Jon Davis

    If you guys want to stay relevant to the big data community you really should have a .NET response to Hadoop and Storm.

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    @Jon Davis: Ms did a lot of inovation in the last years and I am sure they will have an answer when sothing become relevant.

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    Joel H

    Microsoft should consider acquiring Xamarin!

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    I wonder if 100% managed code database drivers similar to tier 4 JDBC will be ever implemented in .NET. That would be a big relief - no dependency on availability and presence of a native client from a DB vendor and cross platform.

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    Horacio Diez

    Oh!!! No one comment around Silverlight, what a shame :(

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    @Horacio Diez
    Its been quit on the SL front. Its in the fridge :(

    We use an out of browser SL app which really works great on the PC and Mac. SL is actually the ONLY cross platform from MS. It's pretty mature and I noticed there are compatibility and security updates, which is great. Our app handles updates automatically (>500 clients) and its fully .NET at the client. Well almost (only strong generic lists which is a good thing). No JS is just my thing. Web dev and SL/Flash are just different beasts.

    Who knows what MS is going to do with SL. Maybe OS it? Maybe a rebrand? The focus is on mobile now and I understand this. What is Adobe going to do? What is Apple going to do? It all depends on the future which is everything but clear but mobile is there.

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    Its been a trend really that MSFT is more interested in supporting other platforms/frameworks like Angular, instead of creating its own frameworks let alone supporting its own platforms like Silverlight.

    Angular is just an MVVM implementation, how did MSFT miss it ? they had a headstart with WPF on MVVM.

    Then there is Wordpress just killing it for new website development. MS response is Orchard which is not even mentioned in any events.

    MSFT has to focus on its roots PLATFORM. Thats where money/innovation/community is long term, or they can keep doing mediocre Visual Studio support for every known language/framework. My 2 cents.

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    @Jon Davis: You might want to check Microsoft StreamInsight it provide stream processing for .NET platform.

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    @Horacio Diez:  A lot of people love Silverlight, and are asking to Microsoft a new version Silverlight 6. See:

    You can listen Miguel de Icasa in his participation in recent Microsoft Build 2014: (minute 21:50) :

    "Is clear that Web wants HTML.. there are very little space for pluggins"

    in other words: Is Silverlight "dead"?

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    Could Microsoft offers a complete JSON support for .NET?  What about BSON?

    Ok, you can use Json.NET but this external package depends on donations, to date -only- $4,111 USD since 2006.

    In my opinion is better to use Microsoft's DataContractJsonSerializer because this framework have full Microsoft's support. See;

    "How implement JSON using .NET framework, including byte[] and Datetime ISO8601"

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