Building Universal Windows Apps with XAML and C# in Visual Studio

Play Building Universal Windows Apps with XAML and C# in Visual Studio

The Discussion

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    I tied from two locations and cannot watch the videos. Not enough bandwidth and it stutters.

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    This presentation is really a waste of time if you looking for anything technical.

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    should have left more time for technical info. show a real implementation , the slides and initial questions ate all the allocated time.

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    How can you call it a "Universal" app when they don't work on even Windows 7?
    Wake the hell up will you, Win 8.x is losing market share! Windows Phone ?
    are you kidding? time for heads to roll @ MS Dev Div!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    finish WPF, bring back Silverlight and take this RTarded crap and stuff it!

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    James Bortters

    He talked too much! Didn't get to see the main demo......

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    Shouldn't have answered so many questions. Not enough time for  technical information. Thanks for the video anyways, I did learn some new stuff.

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    One of the worst (and I've seen a few Microsoft flops in the past) presentations I've seen considering that it is recorded (checked and edited, in theory....),half of the presentation is NOT about the topic but the guy itself whom in my view has no presentation kills whatsoever, monotonous, boring, convoluted, et cetera....

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    Actually, if you skip to about 20 minutes in you can get the quick overview of a universal app (I agree the first 20 minutes is mostly background and not really needed). But the last 20 minutes gave me what I needed.

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