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    How does .Net Native and .Net Core match? These two are fairly confusing for me at present.

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    .net core is basically a cross platform version of .net, with a clr and a specific subset of libraries (and support for portable libraries)

    With .net core you have an option to compile your code directly to native code, also compiling away all the stuff in .net your program isnt using and performing whole program optimization. that process is called .net native.

    So .net core is a smaller portable version of .net and .net native is a technology to compile .net core programs to native code and also do a bunch of optimizations

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    .NET Native is kind of a post compiler to make the source built for the specific device so it will be more efficient and faster, especially when it boots up. C# usually instead will do this through JIT (e.g. the code will "compile" when it boots up).

    .NET Core is totally different, basically Core libraries of .NET (.NET Framework) re-written in a modular, cross-platform way.
    Hope it helps :)

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    Good afternoon, Louis DeJardin.
    Why not authorize works when I add a role or claims. It only works when I do a logout and then a login. In this case, to make to operate automatically, that is, when I removes a role related to User he could not access the controller with the decorated authorize (Ex. [Authorize(Roles="Admin")]).
    I'm using MVC 6 and identity 3.0

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    Awesome stuff. Great talk and demos. Thank you.

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