Community Day Kickoff Keynote, with Scott Hanselman & Miguel Icaza

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    wayne hulen

    As a 62 year old disabled student, I'm interested in cybersecurity for major Atlanta clients and these classes are giving me the tools I will need to further my career.

    I hope to be the best at Windows 10 deployment!

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    Current Xamarin.Forms is 'source open' rather than open source, correct?

    The license on the NuGet package (v1.4.0.6341) states:

    "You may only use the Software, as expressly permitted herein, in conjunction with Your Primary Xamarin Software . As used herein, “Your Primary Xamarin Software” means Xamarin.iOS software or Xamarin.Android software that is both (a) covered by a separate valid Xamarin software license agreement under which You are the licensee (Your “Primary Xamarin License”) and (b) for which You have acquired an Indie license, Business license, or Enterprise license under Your Primary Xamarin License."

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    Xamarin.Forms is included in your Xamarin Subscription: See: for more details.

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    @wayne hulen: Good luck Wayne!

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    how can I turn the music OFF!!! on this web site.

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