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HaloWaypoint.com is the official destination for Halo on the web. Whether looking for the latest information about Halo titles from 343 Industries, discovering and exploring its ever-expanding universe, or engaging with its passionate and growing community, Halo Waypoint gives millions of Halo fans a place to call home. This talk will explore how ASP.NET MVC and several Microsoft Azure technologies were leveraged to not only create and evolve the new website from the inside out, but also ensure that the site could meet the performance expectations and scale demands of the fan base, particularly around high-profile title announcements and releases.







The Discussion

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    Dave Sekula

    A well presented session.

    Would have been nice to see a little bit of Osiris and how that works (After I saw it on the menu :D

    Is there any plan to release a publicly accessible (official!) API for statistics / ranking data (more than the basic last 10 games played json you can grab (maybe not intentionally) from the compare tool on a profile page?

    Also, Sandra is amazingly hot ;)

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    The three popular topics on the Forums page the moment Sandra goes to it:

    • "Halo 5's ppulation will tank, here's why"
    • "Why H5 haters are slowly losing ground"
    • "This game is full of jerks"

    Lol, that had to have been very awkward for her and the other execs watching. Nonetheless, excellent presentation. I love what 343 is doing with Waypoint.

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