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    Dave Sekula

    A well presented session.

    Would have been nice to see a little bit of Osiris and how that works (After I saw it on the menu :D

    Is there any plan to release a publicly accessible (official!) API for statistics / ranking data (more than the basic last 10 games played json you can grab (maybe not intentionally) from the compare tool on a profile page?

    Also, Sandra is amazingly hot ;)

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    The three popular topics on the Forums page the moment Sandra goes to it:

    • "Halo 5's ppulation will tank, here's why"
    • "Why H5 haters are slowly losing ground"
    • "This game is full of jerks"

    Lol, that had to have been very awkward for her and the other execs watching. Nonetheless, excellent presentation. I love what 343 is doing with Waypoint.

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