Squirrel for Windows - installing .NET apps the way it should be

Play Squirrel for Windows - installing .NET apps the way it should be

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    Dave Sekula

    Nice Session.

    I actually started using Squirrel this week, so it was cool to see how to handle update releases.
    After some trial and error, I found it easier (and more reliable) to select all the contents from my bin\Release folder in windows explorer, then drag and drop them (including any directories with them) into the lib\net45 folder / treeview inside nuget package explorer.

    When manually adding files, directories selected do not seem to get added.

    Good Job.

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    Um ... is this the right video ?

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    Dave Sekula

    Nope :(
    Been waiting for them to put it up so I can grab a copy for reference.

    This is actually the video for: https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/dotnetConf/2015/ASPNET-5-Project-Scaffolding-with-Yeoman

    (Also a good session)

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    The Medium and Low video quality are the right video (Squirrel for Windows - installing .NET apps the way it should be).

    The High video quality is for ASPNET 5.

    FYI: Fixed now.

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    Can we use this for windows services?

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    Dave Sekula

    At the moment, I don't think you can.
    Access right elevation is required to install a service, but you cannot use Squirrel to start a process as another user (comamnd line RUNAS for example)

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    What about installing database servers ?

    common installer requirement is to have differents installations types
    i am using Firebird mainly and i want to have these type of installation:

    -Full install (With database server)
    -Client install (With database Client library)

    is it possible to do that please ?

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    So since it's packaged as a nuget package, you could use Install.ps1 to add post-install stuff that might go beyond the basics demo'd here right?

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    Paul Betts

    @JonDavisBNR No you can't, but there's a facility to do that:


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    HI Paul,

    Will this work for VSTO Deployment.



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    Ian K

    I was literally up and running with Squirrel by the end of the video, fully deployed in my production environment. Thanks!

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    Dennis H

    Squirrel apps are completely unusable in enterprise environments using SRP or AppLocker. Block anything from running in %AppData% (as is best practice in ransomware prevention) and see how well this crap works.

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    Hey everyone I have recently started using Squirrel and I am so glad but I have troubles to set icon for the application which I want to deploy. May someone of you who know show me some information, code or something to set icon for my Squirrel application. Thank you!

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    @Bozhidar:I'm sure you have resolved this by now but I had a similar problem and fixed it by adding an icon to the application exe. It has to be an ico file. Hope that helps.

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