The F# Path to Data Scripting Nirvana

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The Visual F# Tools in Visual Studio are an immensely powerful environment for data scripting, all the way from routine data cleaning tasks to scaling in the Azure cloud. Join F# community leaders Tomas Petricek and Isaac Abraham to learn

  • how to use the FSharp.Data library for ultra-simple data import, cleaning and scripting of CSV, XML, JSON and HTML data
  • how to use F# type providers to access and query Azure table storage in a natural and immediate way
  • how to do Azure-enabled scalable data scripting using F#, MBrace and Brisk from Nessos and Microsoft partners Elastacloud.

All of this directly from F# Interactive in Visual Studio.

There's never been an easier way to get up and running with data scripting and scalable compute in Visual Studio and Azure. Data and cloud scripting like you've never seen it before!





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