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At BUILD 2014, we announced the newly formed .NET Foundation with the goal of fostering a vibrant and healthy ecosystem around .NET. In this presentation, we will share the overall open source strategy for .NET, our progress so far including what we have learned as well as where we think .NET is heading as far as open source is concerned.







The Discussion

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    Lex Li

    I actually wrote a Chinese blog post regarding the .NET related open source history of Microsoft (and Mono as well). Should cover the missing pieces in this session.

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    I really shocked when commentors showed with Apple machines as open source directed to Pc machines as general. Does Microsoft have hidden agenda with Apple that I do not know. I cannot really endure a show of .Net with Apple machines.

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    Bill Casey

    Very sad to see the 'open sore' insanity infecting MS. Now I have to worry about the integrity of .NET. Where does the 'open sore'/'everything should be free' movement end? Free food? Free cars? I work hard writing code; I'm not about to give it away just because some jerk thinks it should be 'free'.

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    Open Source Evangelist

    Lol, Bill, you are an idiot. Open source does not mean to work for free. Open source in fact has nothing to do with money - it's about freedom, stability, standards.

    PS: I cannot see anything wrong with free cars, food, etc.

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    mm the video won't play...

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    Agree with Tarik. Having one mac to demo cross-platform development might make sense...but having two macs front and center with nothing else (Surface 3 anyone?) is just idiocy. Microsoft is apparently having an identity crisis.

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    @Tarik and @Jojo

    I think you guys interpret way too much into the presence of our MacBooks. First of all, the one I'm using is a backup machine because my actual laptop (a fabulous ThinkPad W530) couldn't project. Why? Because I'm passionate about Windows and I'm generally running the latest builds. As you can imagine, that doesn't always work great with all hardware, especially projectors.

    Secondly, it is true that many devs on our team use MacBooks. It's the easiest way to run all OS we support (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

    Thirdly, Microsoft is an employer that values diversity. When you walk over the campus, you'll find all sorts of hardware (for business as well as personal use). I fail to see how this can possibly be a bad thing. In the end, our customers expect us to support our software in wide variety of scenarios.

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    excellent response terrajobst

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    Cory Janowski

    Im personally excited to see MS moving towards open source .net will benefit from basement and other non-commercial programmers that will start working with .net now and help with feedback. Plus who doesn't love VS. I have to agree with Terrajobst, why is everyone so concerned with the hardware being used, unrelated. We all know Microsoft is a Software company and Apple is a Hardware company. Has anyone here tried to make an IOS app with out mac hardware or virtual machine? Its pretty straight forward to support all OS's on Mac hardware. I own a surface also and love it, just different tools in the tool box.

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    @Bill Casey: It's about solutions and collaboration. Nothing lasts forever. Where are you going to go now? Java? Linux? They've been using opensource for years. Look at it this way. We get a more robust platform for our customers.

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    @Jojo:It's not an identity crisis. Macs are based on Intel. They can run windows and OSX? They get access to two platforms. Also, all macs have NVidia cards so they get an extra plus there.

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    @terrajobst: I don't have the problems with the macs. I enjoyed your show.

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    I am pumped that MS is becoming "Open to Open Source."  This opens the door to the many, very powerful programmers that don't happen employed by Microsoft.  (I do agree that Microsoft has a lot of money and have been able to hire very, very talented people, but I believe that there are also some very brilliant people who are otherwise occupied, and that their contributions, as labors of love, might well prove to bring out the nth degree in quality.)   I wish that this was done years ago.

    I also applaud Microsoft for their Express Tools.  This will help to create a larger variation of talented programmers from a larger variety of disciplines, and will result in higher quality services that they can deliver, as well as many more and varied software choices for the consumer.  Again, this would have been better if it happened sooner.

    Like Tirak, Bill and Jojo, I too, wish I had a MacBook....sigh, maybe someday.

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    Password is Taco

    Why do people need to be zealots about this stuff...
    Maybe just use the best tools for the required purpose...?

    Anyway putting "Apple" aside, macs are pretty decent bits of kit. I've got an AirBook that's 4 years old and just wont die.

    Also agree with raylitalo, Microsoft can hold they head pretty high for the Express Tools. I wish I could have got my hands on something like that back in the day, for free.

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    Great to see the .NET and Mono teams working together. I'm especially happy to that Mono is adopting the Microsoft implementations of key APIs at such a fast pace. This will mean that more and more code will work the same everywhere. This will also give the Mono team more time to focus on platforms which Microsoft does not support such as game consoles. Great stuff!

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    Cesar De la Torre

    Nice job, guys. Btw, Richard, such a cool .NET T-shirt!.. ;)

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    This is great news. I wish Nadella had taken over as CEO years ago. Having .NET supported on OSX and Linux is terrific.

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    Great concept guys, and congratulations on all you've done...  but Holy Smokes!! (and I'm pretty sure you'll agree with me), this should have been a 30 minute presentation. A little presentation planning please.

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