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    Is it Free? and how to join this ?

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    @JayaPrakash: Yes, it's free and there's no need to register or join, just come back on the 18th... Check out the event landing page, https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/dotnetConf/2015 for more details

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    Good stuff:

    C# 6.0
    IDE Experiences
    .NET Native
    ASP.NET 5
    .NET Framework 4.6

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    Lenard Bartha

    Why not call it .NET 5, since most of its components are on version 5. Why 4.6, that is a weird number if you ask me...

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    A lot of valuable Information. But that many "ahm"s make the talk not really fluent.

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    Ahhhh!!! How frustrating! All the way through I'm asking "Tell us can we develop Mac OSX client apps with .NET using the new .NET Core - I know we can't use WPF - but what's the story?" He seems at one part to suggest we'd need Xamarin but without actually saying it specifically and right at the end, for the last 5 minutes, he has a slide up saying ".NET Cross-platform on client" but leaves it there and doesn't say a thing about it! Can someone tell us - can the new .NET core target Max OSX client apps or do we need Xamarin?

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    Nice Job, Habib [H]

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    Although I'm loving the new direction Microsoft is taking , I can't help but wonder how they will justify the costs of the development. Historically, revenue would be generated from operating system running .Net or Visual Studio. With both those revenue streams taking a hit from .Net running on other platforms and Visual Studio Community Edition being free, aren't they shooting themselves in the foot?

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    The presenter is good, but a little too guarded. An important presentation like this should be done by Hanselman who knows how to finagle the bagel with the audience. There are too many unanswered questions and the presentation doesn't build confidence among the troops. WPF support is awesome, but we want to know what are the specific cross platform stories? Is it Xamarin?

    phillipecp also asked a very good question. How will MS recoup their development costs? What is their long term strategy? What is in all this philanthropy for MS? I would wager that .NET will be playing the same role as BASIC back in the 1970s. If it goes cross platform, it will become the  lingua franca of application development, giving Microsoft serious leverage as it had with BASIC and DOS. It is yet to be determined how it will use this leverage for profitability, but licensing deals are probably one of them. Moreover, it will give them a way of staying relevant regardless on Wintel  as the desktop becomes less important. To the MS hayers out there, UNIX and MacOS tools and languages are clearly inferior to MS tools and languages.

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