Building AllReady: Saving Lives with ASP.NET Core

Play Building AllReady: Saving Lives with ASP.NET Core
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Come make a difference and learn some new tech. AllReady is an open source project built on ASP.NET Core and running on Azure. It is made available to charitable organizations to help organize disaster preparedness work enabling administrators to set goals, create campaigns, mobilize volunteers based on skill sets and provide real-time feedback of progress to the organization.

With AllReady, we have an active and growing contributor base that has made nearly 1500 commits across 750 issues and pull requests in the last year. It's a friendly, helpful community that is committed to getting good code into a product that lives. Hosted and planned openly in GitHub, the project is powered by the open source community and used in production by national-level organizations.

In this session we'll talk about the opportunity to "code for the greater good", cover the most interesting technical aspects of the project and help define ways that you can get connected to make your first pull request.



The Discussion

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    Amazing video - amazing stories.  What a great way to contribute to the greater good.

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    Great presentation James. As a contributor I can't urge others enough to give it a go. It's a great concept and cause providing a way to use skills I have for something extremely worthwhile. It's a great place for all levels of developer with all degrees of experience in open source / Github. The community and support cultivates quick and relaxed learning so that you'll soon be rebasing like a pro!

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    I am so proud of this team, the HTBox staff and of course the AllReady project contributors! I am very excited to see our original vision come together :)

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