Deploying ASP.NET Core applications using Docker Containers

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    What would be the real example of advantages using Docker Containers for hosting Asp.Net Core applications?

    What would be the reason to move your current hypothetical Asp.Net Core applications running on a hypothetical regular Azure VM to the Docker Containers?

    What about the performance? 10 Asp.Net Core applications running on a regular Azure VM (A) vs. the same 10 applications running in Docker Containers on the server with Containers with the same specs as (A).

    Thanks! :)

    Let's assume that the hypothetical applications are simple, not using any form of DB and all running on Windows platform. 

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    Hi Vaso,


    This prompted me to write this quick post: Docker Containers as the new Binaries of deployment I hope it was helpful. 


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    Thank you Steve.

    It was helpful in a certain way. I still try to get my head around how my variety ASP.NET Core projects could benefit using Docker Containers. If they could at all.

    I am using VMs where each of them has got a few websites and trying to learn when would be the good time to consider using Docker Containers, how much it would improve the deployment or whatever as I am quite happy even with the current form of deployment.

    Or when there is not point to use Docker Containers at all. It's not right to force technologies if they are not needed but it is very good to know when they would be helpful.

    That's why I mentioned my example. I could get Azure Windows Server 2016 VM with e.g. 4GB RAM and deploy there 10 websites and all is running well. Or I could get the same VM and deploy there my 10 websites to Docker Containers and now I don't know if 4GB RAM is going to be enough? Is this Docker deployment going to be more resources hungry or actually, I would be able to double amount of websites with no performance impact. Or shall I understand Docker Containers just as a new Binaries of deployment as you mentioned and so it will have no impact on the resources of the server at all?

    And finally, the cost :) Would be the cost same using Docker Containers environment or cheaper?

    Looking forward to watch this demo session to find out :)



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    I don't see video. Where is it?

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    Thanks for watching. The deck and demo script is available here.


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    Thank you. I learned a lot.

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    Cool @Dcoker demos.  Loving it...
    Shipping container over-seas just a matter of secs.

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    Haven't seen so much smoke and mirrors, since my child visits to circus. And that's to questions that they pose to themselves. I was at 10 minute mark and haven't learned anything new or relevant. Except history of shipping. Should I keep watching?

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