Modernize ASP.NET Web Forms with Visual Studio 2015

Play Modernize ASP.NET Web Forms with Visual Studio 2015

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    On top of the page i see:
    "Keynote broadcast starts in 29 days, 6 hours, 20 minutes, 21 seconds at "

    Whats wrong?

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    @Mangaard:Thes issue was reproduced on browsers that use any other language than English as preferred language.

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    Wow, I love this demo. I've been working and maintaining a dozen intranet ASP.NET Webforms C# applications for my company. We were able to deliver the intranet web apps from one to three months depend on the size of the projects. Thanks to the very well structures of the master page, ASP.NET controls, bootstrap, and entity framework.

    Some people in my organization suggested switching over to ASP.NET MVC in the past few years. However, after doing some research on the time investment and cost comparison, I decided to stay with ASP.NET Webforms, and I'm glad I made the right choice as the platform continue to serve me well.

    I'm going to take the new enhancements to Web Forms presented in this video and use in my existing and future project. 

    Big thanks to Jeffrey Fritz for your wonderful demo. Keep up the good work!






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    Jordan Ravka

    I really hope Microsoft reconsider's their decision to abandon WebForms. For data-heavy business sites, nothing beats it in terms of developer productivity.

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    It's really nice video and I think my decision to choose webforms was absolutely right. We have developed a large size portal for our company having more than 10 project in it which is working very nice and fast. This video really make me alive and happy again regarding webforms. I also welcome more videos from Microsoft like this. Thank u microsoft.

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    Priya Kale

    Brilliant video. The information I have been searching precisely. It helped me a lot, thanks. Keep coming with more such informative post. Would love to follow them.

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