.NET Conf Day 2 Keynote - Miguel de Icaza

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Kick off Day 2 with Miguel de Icaza as he sets the stage for the day and walks us through .NET innovations for mobile and desktop developers including Xamarin and the Universal Windows Platform.



The Discussion

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    Xamarin was the change which Microsoft need it, now is here and free ! Well done!.

    Let see if Microsft Blend will be a good friend of Xamarin! 

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    Now the question is - what is written in the hidden rectangle that is positioned above the ASP.NET Core @0:18:16 (yes, the one with alpha set to 0) ?

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    Hi Miguel,

    Do you mean on Xamarin.Mac on Visual Studio that you no longer require a mac to build the iOS?

    If this true, we will love you forever. :)

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    Does the Linker slows down the compilation time?

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